SOFT SKILL: This program specially designed as per students requirements. It helps them to develop effective communication skills, right behavior and confidence which is required for their profession.

CORPORATE TRAINING: Oasis conducts corporate training for company executives, software professionals, technical staff, schools, colleges and other personnel in foreign languages and English. We customize the program as per the requirement of the corporate sector.

SPOKEN ENGLISH: English is like any other language. We give an entrance test to understand the student’s knowledge in English and train them accordingly. They can learn English through our effective methodology. We have various levels in Spoken English.

PRE-BEGINERS: This course is for those who cannot speak or understand English and who cannot understand the meaning of simple words and sentences. After finishing this course the students will understand the basic grammar and start making sentences on their own.

BEGINERS: This course is for those who can speak simple English but make grammatical errors while writing and speaking. After finishing this course he students will speak without grammatical mistakes.

PRE-INTERMEDIATE: This course is for those who don't make grammatical mistakes but cannot speak fluently, and run out of words. After this course, their presentation skill will improve and can speak fluently.

INTERMEDIATE: This course is for those who want to have fluency while speaking, using phrases and idioms. After this course the students will be able to speak effectively.

UPPER INTERMEDIATE: This course is for those who want to communicate effectively with confidence. After finishing this course the student will be an effective speaker.

PHONETICS: The student will learn correct pronunciation with correct accent starting from alphabet with the support of good teaching materials and qualified teachers.

AMERICAN ENGLISH: This course will help the students to learn American spelling, grammar and pronunciation. We teach GA (General American) accent which is largely accepted and known as Mid-west accent. This is the best course for MT and IT students.

BUSINESS AND PROFESSIONAL ENGLISH: This course is designed for the professionals who already know English but need further knowledge in effective communication. The students become familiar with British & American English as well as many other International English. This helps them to communicate more effectively in the professional world. The students gain confidence to establish business relations with colleagues, clients and acquaintances. By the end of this program the students will be capable of dealing with any kind of situation diplomatically using their communicative skills. Duration: 2 months.

CALL CENTER TRAINING: This program is designed for those who want to make their
stand in the call center industry. Before the candidate gets on to the floor, WLL ensures that they are groomed and ready for the successful start.

LIBRARY AND DOCUMENTATION: We have hundreds of Books, CD’s and Cassettes about Language literature, Fictions, Movies and documentation in various languages and culture and etc. One can refer, watch and listen to enhance their knowledge and improve the communication skills etc.

TOEFL (Test of English as Foreign Language): We conduct an entrance test to know the student's language level. We focus on five areas: Reading, Writing, Speaking, Understanding and Listening. We also concentrate on their grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation and presentation as per the ETS. Trial tests will be given during the training.

IELTS (International English Language Testing System): When the students register for this course, we conduct an entrance test to know their language level. We train for both general module & academic module. We focus on four areas mainly: listening module, reading module, writing module and speaking module. We concentrate on graph based questions, critical writing, letter writing and reading comprehension and interview. Trial tests will be given during the training. Duration 2 months.


"To generate efficient man power to all the sectors in this competitive world. Ensuring to give dynamic candidates to the industries"